The Jaffe Team—David Jaffe, Jed Herman, and Holly St. Germain   NMLS# David Jaffe- 239040 Jed Herman- 293493 Holly St. Germain- 257841   State License Jaffe- CA-DOC239040 / IL310028702/OR 239040/WA-MLO 239040 Herman-CA – 293493 St. Germain- CA-DOC257841/AZ0912573

The Jaffe Team—David Jaffe, Jed Herman, and Holly St. Germain
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Meet The Jaffe Team

The Jaffe Team includes David Jaffe, Jed Herman, and Holly St. Germain. We are a mortgage planning team with offices in Westlake Village and Oxnard, CA. Our team is led by David Jaffe with more than 25 years of industry experience and over $3 billion in closed residential mortgages. To say we know mortgages is an understatement!

Our job is to ensure that our clients get the best mortgage for their particular situation. Unlike an 800 number call center which may be a thousand miles away, we are local and available. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs.

The difference in our approach is significant. Call us and see how The Jaffe Team’s advantage could become your advantage!

Our Passion

Our team is passionate about providing exemplary servicing clients with the same care we would expect ourselves. We utilize over 30 years of experience to provide a plan from the initial consultation with you through the complex mortgage lending process. The Jaffe Team is ONLY satisfied with our work when you are.

We begin with developing a plan based on your financial goals, your desired needs for a home, and the geographical parameters you aspire to for your new neighborhood. The education we provide up front will help navigate through the paperwork and process to make your home search smooth. Our vision is to partner with you each step of the way to make sure the end result is celebrating your move in day.

We are different—different from a retail bank. We offer a variety of products providing the flexibility you will NOT find with other lenders. Our team is expert at reviewing your plan and matching the RIGHT loan product for your unique needs. The Jaffe Team advantage includes effective planning, partnership throughout the process, and a desire to make your transaction uncomplicated and worry free. We will not rest until you have the keys to your home!

Our Distinction

The Jaffe Team is special. Why? We have successfully helped close more than 8000 loans over 25 years. This includes experiencing the highs and lows of the mortgage industry, We use that vast experience, industry knowledge, and an passion for helping our clients in each transaction.

Our goal is to start the planning process with you at the beginning—advising and consulting you throughout the journey. This makes us different. We're not just providing a loan. We're providing you the road map to successful home ownership and becoming part of your home buying team.

Other just want you to "sign here" for your loan. We want to be your partner for this transaction, and for life. Our clients are our friends—providing references and referrals for years to come. We know what it takes to earn that referral—and we do it.

Our Stories

The team is led by David, who is married with two children. He enjoys sports, triathlons, and loves to travel. His favorite place to travel?—anywhere! David especially enjoys the tropics. David is involved in charities and enjoys giving to organizations that help people help themselves.

Holly St. Germain is a team partner that hails from New Jersey, eventually making her way West. She is married with a son and daughter. She enjoys running, reading, fashion related “anything”, and spending time with friends and family- particularly if it includes the beach!

Jed Herman has been working with David for over 14 years. Jed is married with three children and moved to California from the east coast in 1996. His passions include travel, live music, and keeping with the team theme, the tropics and anything beach related.

How I Helped—Stories from David

David and the team have faced many unique needs from clients over the years. Learn how he helped one client work within his financial goals to avoid PMI and acquire the home of their dreams.

  • "Thank you for continuing to do such a great job on the loans you close for buyers of our listings. As an REO brokerage, we are under tight restrictions to get transactions closed quickly and within the agreed upon time-frames.

    When we get an offer with a pre-approval letter from the Jaffe Team we know the loan will close smoothly, efficiently and on-time. Knowing you are involved in the transaction gives your clients offer a leg up when competing for a property.

    Thanks again for staying on top of everything, and we look forward to seeing your name on many more transactions!"

    - Troy C.

  • "I’ve tried to meet expectations in the office for so long and be a good little team player but the last 2 years proved to be too much in the loyalties department. I began to move away from in-house services when I witnessed some internal things I didn’t agree with. Tried a few outsiders but nobody gave it what you always did. If you go back you might as well go back to the best!"


  • "Thank you for your note and for your help getting our recent transaction closed!"


  • "There are only a handful of mortgage lenders who give me the confidence that their approval letters are true and that they can actually close the loan."


  • "We had 5 offers on this home and because you were their lender, it weighed heavily on the decision to accept their offer."


  • "You all have been amazing and we couldn’t be happier at this moment! I’ve told many people already and Ill keep saying it On Q Financial along with David and the rest of your team there have been the best part of the entire home purchase process hands down. I don’t know if wed be home owners or have this incredible house without your support and guidance. We are truly thankful!! Keep up the fantastic work. The way you care and sincerely want to help your clients really shows. That’s what makes you special!

    On top of that nobody thought we would close today and you all made it happen! My realtor and title company all said it was impossible to do so soon and you proved them all wrong! WOW! Very impressed!"

    - Ross and Erin

Buying a house is a huge commitment, and finding the right mortgage product that fits your goals, needs and finances is crucial. Having closed more than 8,000 loans throughout our careers-our experience speaks for itself.

The Jaffe Team—David Jaffe, Jed Herman, and Holly St. Germain

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