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Brad Tilford
On Q Mortgage Consultant

About Me

I’m Brad Tilford. I have been a Mortgage Consultant for over 25 years. I am passionate about my clients—maintaining a genuine and honest relationship with everyone. This extends to online and offline clients. I sustain a sincere business persona and treasure my customers and business partners. Without these partners, I would not be where I am today. It’s not enough to say I provide great service and am a highly skilled Mortgage Consultant, I must deliver on that promise.

What I Want You to Know

My customers have the right to receive first-rate service. I deliver that level of service by listening humbly—always positive. My philosophy places customers first, anticipating needs, and communicating from the beginning to the end of the loan transaction. I live life by working “in the arena”. Succeeding with new challenges confirms my belief that making dreams come to life is completely within the scope of my abilities. With the ability to think “on my feet”, I am precise and accurate in my work as a Mortgage Consultant. Confidence in perceptions, abilities, wisdom, and intuition results in the best experience for my clients.

What Sets Me Apart

Superior customer service is my differentiator—most importantly—I answer my phone! I am accessible 24/7 to all clients and partners. I take customer success seriously, providing unparalleled support throughout the loan process. My clients and business partners must see that service level—and they do. I am all about hard work that clients will not find from other consultants. This expression of my character is reflected in all that I do, situating me apart from other lenders.

My Story

Growing up on a farm in Kentucky—there was no substitute for hard work. I have learned many lessons on the farm, guiding me in how I live life. I am an animal lover, dedicated to all pets and pet lovers. I have two cats named Ben and Jerry—cats do the funniest things! I’m addicted to images and videos of funny pet antics. I left the farm pursuing my passion for “fine art” receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

I understand that one must learn the craft in order to create art. This is my philosophy, and through this belief, I have acquired the patience, persistence, and hard work necessary to be the best Mortgage Consultant that my clients and business partners expect. It is my personal journey and what differentiates me from other loan officers—I am forever humbled and honored to have found my passion in life.


  • "First of all, I used to be a mortgage lender, so I know how difficult the job is. Brad knows his loan programs inside and out. In fact, he knows them better than most underwriters, so when you get into a situation where the borrower is marginally qualified, Brad will go to bat for them and many times will get the loan though because he knows how to tell the underwriter what they are not seeing.
    Brad is good with customers and always responsive. He’s the best!"

    - Frank Alvarez

  • "Brad Tilford is a very talented Mortgage Broker. He and his team have successfully funded in excess of 30 Million dollars in loans over the last few years. His response time is immediate. His reliability, along with his knowledge and understanding of the new laws makes him a great ally to have working with your clientele. One of his great attributes is the ability to see through a challenge and come up with a game plan and a creative way to satisfy the underwriter. Another important attribute is his understanding that contractual law is just that…a contract, if it states a close of escrow in 30 days, then it closes in 30 days. We have never had to chase Brad for any follow up on a file, we are kept in the loop for the entire process up to and including funding. I cannot Recommend Brad, his team and On Q Financial enough!"

    - Benjamin Leaskou - President CEO - Windermere Real Estate | Leaskou Partners

  • "I have no worries recommending Brad to my client’s. My client’s are impressed by Brad’s quick response, professionalism and his ability to get it done. Brad always seems to have a way to work through tough situations that can sometimes come up in the process of getting a loan. The loan officer is the most important part of closing a successful escrow and who ever I am working with we are proud to have Brad on our team."

    - Robert Baeten | Realtor | Windermere Real Estate | Leaskou Partners

  • "I have been “WOWED” by Brad’s customer service skill set time and time again. On more than one occasion, Brad has taken it upon himself to analyze an Appraisal to determine if it was in my Buyers best interest. I am impressed by his patience and soft spoken voice when addressing my questions, even if I’ve asked it for the fourteenth time. I know that he treats my Buyers in the same fashion. I suspect Brad has a tenacious side when representing my client to get the best loan possible. He has to! I’ve seen him work miracles for some of my clients. I cannot express a deeper gratitude for this man’s ability to deliver a great product, or his sincere interest in the clients that he serves. Brad is ALWAYS my first choice for a loan product!"

    - Steve Lautenbach

  • "I’ve been a licensed real estate professional for over twenty years and Brad has been my preferred lender all of the twenty plus years.

    My current firm has an excellent business relationship with a well known lender in Southern California, and usually they pride themselves in only offering the best. I remind the owners of our firm, on a regular basis, the very best and unparalleled in the lending world is Brad Tilford.
    When Brad’s name is spoken in the lending world everyone listens and recognizes/associates his name with exceptional knowledge & service.

    No matter how great you think your mortgage lender is, you owe it to yourself to experience a higher level of knowledge & service that only Brad can deliver.

    Thank you Brad for the exceptional level of service we’ve grown to expect over the years."

    - Joe Woods

My goal is to become your trusted mortgage adviser for life by providing an unparalleled level of service. Contact me today to ask any questions or get started on your home loan.

Brad Tilford

On Q Mortgage Consultant - On Q Financial

750 East Tahquitz Canyon Way Suite 2 Palm Springs, CA 92264

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