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John Lee
On Q Mortgage Consultant

About John Lee

I’m John Lee, and I have 27 years’ experience in the financial services industry. I rely on my expertise to assist clients with navigating complex financial situations.

My Promise To You

Over the years, the mortgage process has become burdensome to the borrower. My job is to remove some of those burdens and guide clients through the process. I do everything I can to simplify their mortgages. I also use the plentiful resources available through On Q Financial to help my clients in advantageous ways.
Please contact me with questions or if you are ready to begin the mortgage process. You can also reach me via phone, email, text or by applying online.

What I Want You to Know

First, from the beginning of the application process to long after the loan closes I am a guide for clients. Second, I follow up with clients throughout the process. During this process I use creativity to help them overcome any obstacles that may come up.

Most importantly, I have excellent attention to detail, which is paramount in this complex industry. Therefore, I focus on client satisfaction. As a result I strive to exceed their expectations.

What Sets Me Apart

One of my more noteworthy accomplishments is that I spent years in the financial services industry assisting clients. Mainly this was to help prepare them for various life events. From reviewing monthly spending patterns to creating savings plans for unexpected emergency, the most important goal was always purchasing a home.

My experience in the financial services industry helps me facilitate that request to borrowers who are ready. I also educate the borrowers who need a plan in order to purchase a home. While utilizing my extensive knowledge of the greater financial picture to guide and advise my mortgage clients.

Born and Raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida

In conclusion, I am a great help to clients who are new to the Saint Petersburg market. Since I have lived here my entire life. Therefore have many resources available to assist them in transitioning to the area.

My Story

My wife, Maris, and I have two daughters, Megan and Maddy. I’m a lifelong resident of Pinellas County. Also, I enjoy spending time with family, cooking, traveling and playing board games. Scattergories is my favorite game. Due to the creative challenge of coming up with things that others don’t. In addition to these activities, I also attend Calvary Chapel Saint Petersburg.

What My Clients Are Saying

  • "John was absolutely wonderful! We cannot say enough good things about him. When we finally found our forever home, John made the entire process go so smoothly. He listened to our needs, explained what we didn't understand in layman terms and always kept us informed. Whenever we had any questions, he was always available. He even made periodic calls to make sure we weren't ever feeling overwhelmed or frustrated!! We would most definitely recommend him."

    - zuser20141130123525276

  • "I had a great experience with John Lee of OnQFinancial. I wish everybody could go through their loan process with the ease and peace of mind as I did. He is a person of great integrity, very kind and professional and always available to assist with my questions and concerns. My loan was more complex then average because I was taking advantage of the First Time Home Buyer Assistance Program. I highly recommend the services of John Lee at OnQFinancial"

    - user47866181

  • "I could never express how wonderful John was during our recent home purchase. He was fantastic! Always available. Perfectly accurate. Knowledgeable. He answered the phone and was able to get answers on the evening on the weekends. Even months after the closing, John was available. I would never use anyone else. Use John and he will exceed your expectations!"

    - J. Cunningham

  • "John Lee is simply amazing! I had heard so many terrible stories of purchasing a home but my experience was completely the opposite! I had a very low credit score and never thought I would be able to become a home owner but John guided me for almost 9 months and now my score is the highest it's ever been! I am now a proud, first-hand home owner! He never gave up on me and his knowledge and expertise in his field is unmatched! He is also just a joy to work with. He is very communicative, always available and up front with every single bit of information. He knows how to simplify and streamline the process and is always reassuring and encouraging. I can't recommend him enough! Thank you, John!"

    - Nicole

  • "I've been through the home purchase process a few times now, so I have a frame of reference with regard to different lenders and their modes of operation. John Lee is BY FAR the best lender I've used. Specifics for such a statement........

    1. He prepared me AHEAD of time for what I would need and made everything possible electronically. I was in the process of moving across the country and in doing so, the knowledge of what is needed ahead of time, as well as the ability to do it all electronically, is a must. When making such a drastic life change while still working, knowing what you'll need to provide allows you the time to schedule it and get it done.

    2. His response time to my various loan scenarios was extremely expedient. I was able to easily make a decision as to the loan that fit my needs based on the data provided to me within hours of asking for it.

    3. Availability - John was willing to be available any time. I would speak to him on weekends, evenings, mornings. It didn't matter. He was always back to me within hours of my reaching out to him.

    4. Unbeatable - What I mean by that is that their company is smaller and competes harder for your business. In speaking with the lender my real estate agent offered to me (who was of the BIG bank) variety, said lender simply stated, "I can't touch what you are getting from On Q Financial and John Lee."

    5. Large enough to cover almost the entire US. While John is only licensed in certain parts of the US, his company has people in 48 of the 50 states. I bring this up, because I've already asked him for referrals to others in his company, in different states, for people I know whom were looking for a lender.

    This is long enough already, but as cliche as it may sound, I can't say enough about John Lee. In fact, I welcome anyone to contact me directly as I'd be more than willing to expound upon my positive experience with his service level. I am fortunate to have worked with him, and proud to state my opinion in hopes that he can help others as he has me and my family."

    - zuser20150503101923337

  • "We had a very difficult loan. Bad credit. Limited savings. I work a night shift. None of that bothered John. After finding a home that fit my budget, John worked to get my loan approved and closed. He was always there for us when we had a question. Many of our conversations ended in laughter which was refreshing and unexpected (I would have guessed crying based on the home buying experiences of friends). Thank you John! It was great working with you and we now consider you our friend."

    - J. Brooks

  • "John and his team were fantastic. They made my refinance easy and stress free. They communicated constantly through the process and it went smoothly"

    - Phileaton13

  • "John Lee, at On Q Financial, is the best. He is professional & helpful. He easily maneuvered us through the mortgage process and it closed without a hitch. Mostly, he COMMUNICATES. What a concept! Thanks, John!"

    - N. Ralston

  • "John was incredibly helpful throughout the entire mortgage and home buying process. He was always available to answer any questions we had (and as first time home buyers, we had many!). We cannot imagine doing business with anyone else. Thank you John!!"

    - A. Tulp

I am a great help to clients who are new to the Saint Petersburg market. I have lived here my entire life and have many resources available to assist them in transitioning to the area.

John Lee

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