Aaron Christiansen   NMLS# 1538107   State License TX# 1538107

Aaron Christiansen
On Q Mortgage Consultant

What Sets Me Apart

I tell people I'm not a salesman. I grew up in an Assistance Ministry.  Before her passing, my mom was the Executive Director for 25 years. I worked with her and Pop for about 10 years. Due to this, I grew up caring about people and helping them create a better life. My professional background is also heavy in customer service.  I am very good at communicating with people and keeping them well informed with what is going on.

What I Want You To Know

My focus is doing what is best for the people buying a home.  Finding the right loan program to fit their needs; even if that means telling them to wait a few months to buy a home.  I always do what is best for the family and not myself.  No one involved in the transaction will ever have to wonder where they stand because I will make sure everyone knows as much as I know as soon as I know it!

Aaron Christiansen

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